Microsoft releases three videos showing off how Kinect for Windows can work for retailers

Microsoft releases three videos showing off how Kinect for Windows can work for retailers

Ever since releasing the Kinect for Windows SDK, Microsoft has been updating it regularly with feature after feature. Today the company wants to get retailers excited about attracting customers by building interactive experiences with its tools.

It’s not clear if retailers just haven’t adopted Kinect like Microsoft would have hoped, or if the company wants to accelerate its growth. Either way, the Kinect team has developed the following three videos which attempt to show how Kinect for Windows experiences “can help retailers attract new customers and engage customers in deeper ways.”

Without further ado, here are the three videos along with their PR descriptions:

This scenario video shows how a Kinect for Windows application attracts new customers by providing them with a good understanding of a resort thru an enjoyable and easy-to-use experience, while also providing customers with an offer to receive a discount on future stays.

This scenario video demonstrates how a Kinect for Windows application engages with two people at once—welcoming them into an immersive real-time experience with the store’s merchandise while also showing the Kinect Fusion scanning features that can be used as part of this and many other retail experiences.

This scenario video shows how a Kinect for Windows-enabled digital sign application makes it easy for shoppers to engage with products, try them on, and purchase while also using social media for additional marketing reach.

In my opinion, these videos are equally cool to watch for consumers as they probably are for retailers. That doesn’t mean they will necessarily work as intended, but I personally would at least try out these advertising “experiences” even though I almost always ignore all retail ads.

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Top Image Credit: Microsoft

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