Forget $200 for an iPad: Microsoft’s buyback program offers up to $350 for Apple, Android, and BlackBerry devices

Forget $200 for an iPad: Microsoft’s buyback program offers up to $350 for Apple, Android, and ...

Last week, Microsoft launched a retail trade-in program offering to buy your iPad for up to $200 towards the purchase of a Surface tablet. Forget about that. The company is now offering a deal that encompasses not just the iPad, but the iPhone, BlackBerry devices, as well as Android phones and tablets.

First spotted by ZDNet, the Corporate Buyback Program is a collaboration between Microsoft and Clover Wireless, a private label for recycling electronic equipment. Here’s how it works: check how much your old device is worth, purchase a new Windows Phone or tablet (although this post says desktops and laptops are also okay), and mail the old device to Clover Wireless, which will in turn send you a Visa prepaid card.


You’ll have to manually enter the details of devices you want to trade in before you can get an estimate for them. You’ll also have to show a proof-of-purchase of your Windows Phone or Windows device, which must be bought within 30 days of your shipping date for your old devices.

We checked out the list of acceptable products for trade-in, and frankly, it’s massive:


Also worth noting is this section in the FAQ:

Q. Can I trade in more than one item?

A: Absolutely. Each item is valued individually, and assigned a unique tracking number to ensure traceability all the way through to resale or recycling. You will receive a separate credit for multiple trade-ins. Business customers with six or more devices should contact the Quote Desk as instructed on the site.

The page further notes device(s) will be refurbished for reuse or disposed of “in an economically responsible manner.” Clover Wireless reportedly ensures all electronic waste is shredded and/or smelted in the US to be repurposed in the creation of new material, assuming they can’t just resell your device.

We have contacted Microsoft for more information about the program, which appears to be available to “anyone.” We’re checking to make sure the company has the same definition of the word as we do.

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