Microsoft showcases Xbox One exclusive launch titles, including Ryse and Forza 5

Microsoft showcases Xbox One exclusive launch titles, including Ryse and Forza 5

Microsoft showed off several exclusive launch titles for its upcoming Xbox One console, including Ryse: Son of Rome, Forza Motorsport 5, Killer Instinct, and Sunset Overdrive.

Ryse, which is developed by Crytek, was originally announced as an Xbox 360 exclusive back at E3 2011.

In-game footage of Forza Motorsport 5
In-game footage of Forza Motorsport 5

Also coming to the console is an exclusive version of Minecraft. With over 6 million Xbox gamers, the franchise has been a popular title on the Xbox 360 and should do well on the Xbox One.

Microsoft went on to highlight Remedy’s Quantum Break, D4, Project Spark, Crimson Dragon and Dead Rising 3 for the Xbox One. Project Spark is a voice-controlled world builder and game creator with SmartGlass integration. Battlefield 4 Second Assault will arrive first on Xbox One. The game’s developer showed off the title running at 60 frames per second.

Looking ahead to 2014, Microsoft teased a new Halo title for the Xbox One. Details were scarce, but the company boasted that the game will also run at 60 frames per second. Meanwhile, Respawn’s Titanfall is scheduled to arrive next spring.

Microsoft introduced the Xbox One last month with a new design, controller and Kinect accessory. The console, which is coming later this year, boasts 8GB RAM, USB 3.0, WiFi Direct and Blu-Ray.


The Xbox One will let you play for 24 hours offline before requiring gamers to check back in. Sadly, the console won’t be backwards compatible with Xbox 360 discs and previously purchased Xbox Live Arcade titles. As part of the Xbox One launch, Microsoft is partnering with the National Football League to bring exclusive content and interactivity to American football broadcasts.

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