The Windows 8.1 Start Button has finally been caught on video

The Windows 8.1 Start Button has finally been caught on video

Quick hit here, dear readers. Microsoft was a bit stingy with screenshots when it announced details of the coming Windows 8.1 update. Happily, NetworkWorld had a video camera at Computex in Taipei, and managed to snag a video of the software in action.

The clip is pretty self-explanatory, but if you need written word to provide simple context, TNW has you covered. Enjoy:

I’d love to know your thoughts on how Microsoft now allows for background syncing between the Desktop and Start Screen. Specifically, how will it impact uptake in the market of the new user interface elements of Windows 8?

The Start Button and background syncing are two of the more publicly demanded elements of Windows 8.1, along with boot to desktop. We haven’t yet seen all of the coming update to Windows 8, but at a minimum Microsoft appears to be creating a package that will assuage its most dedicated users, and help the public better grok its new OS.

Via Verge. Top Image Credit: Dell Inc.

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