Skype updated with improved video messaging, simplified contact adding on Windows and easier calling on OS X

Skype updated with improved video messaging, simplified contact adding on Windows and easier calling ...

Microsoft today released Skype 6.5 for both Windows and OS X, featuring video messaging improvements for both platforms as well as new features and bug fixes specific to each. You can wait for the update mechanism to kick in or download the latest version now directly from Skype for Windows desktop and Skype for Mac.

On both Windows and OS X, Microsoft has improved video messaging, which is still in preview. For PCs, Microsoft has improved the feature’s stability and made the messages easier to find with improved notifications (just like the Windows 8 app). For Macs, Microsoft has simplified the feature by removing the title and description and made “experience optimizations” on the back end.

The Skype for Windows update has also simplified the sending and accepting of contact requests. A request will now appear right in your instant message view.

Microsoft also listed the following fixes for Windows:

  • File transfer: Cancel all doesn’t cancel file transfers, upon cancel of file transfer the transfer shows as successfully completed, and when one participant accepted file transfer the sender could not cancel the transfer.
  • Network issues: Upon connection lost, no notification in call toolbar that the call was lost.
  • Keyboard navigation: Add phone number not accessible with keyboard.
  • Stability: Skype hangs when selecting offline contact and clicking on call phone, Skype crashes for some users upon exiting, and Skype crashes for some users when tried to send a file.

The Skype for OS X update has simplified calling. You can now paste a number directly into the “in call dial pad.”

Microsoft also listed the following fixes for OS X:

  • Contact: Scroll bar did not display when sending multiple contacts, could drag & drop contacts who are already existing participants in the conversation, call toolbar + button contextual menu items were live after sending contact request, and call duration history was incorrectly displayed.
  • Conversation: Chat input field switched to SMS mode when adding PSTN numbers to new conversation, and ‘Check Spelling While Typing’ setting was not saved.
  • Generic: Detached conversation window did not open automatically after restarting Skype.
  • File Transfer: Received file saved in Download folder when custom download folder was not discovered, and file transfer control buttons not presented after reconnection.
  • Preferences: Skype froze when a user switched the ringing output to all devices from USB headset.

It seems that Microsoft is perfectly okay with releasing new Skype versions with video messaging still in preview. The feature first arrived about a month ago and the company still doesn’t have a date for when it plans to deem it complete.

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Top Image Credit: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

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