Microsoft launches website directly contrasting Windows 8 tablets and the iPad

Microsoft launches website directly contrasting Windows 8 tablets and the iPad

Recently Microsoft launched a website that directly compares and contrasts Windows 8-based tablets and Apple’s iPad. As Tom Warren of The Verge notes, the method is similar to prior and past ‘laptop hunter’ commercials.

The comparisons are mostly fair; Microsoft admits that its Surface RT tablet hybrid weighs slightly more than its iPad rival, and has slightly lower battery life. However, Microsoft appears has more to say on the matter, hitting Apple’s tablet for a lack of ports, and most importantly, a lack of Office.

This is painfully ironic as Microsoft’s failure to extend its Office suite to iOS is a choice that likely costs the company 9 figures in revenue per quarter. In this case, however, it allows the company to swipe at its rival hardware and platform. Microsoft does admit that One Note exists on iOS.

How strong is Microsoft’s argument? Not as strong as it would probably like. When the company lists prices, implying their differential, it doesn’t include the cost of a Touch or Type cover, which would bring the Surface to a price point above that of the similarly priced iPad; I feel that advertising the Surface without a cover is akin to selling a car without wheels.

Still, it’s fun to see Microsoft stack other devices from its OEM partners against the iPad. They aren’t yet functional rivals, but the comparisons aren’t ludicrous. Round two of Windows 8 hardware should be an interesting crop.

Top Image Credit: Vernon Chan

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