Microsoft launches new campaign to show Internet users how to manage their personal data

Microsoft launches new campaign to show Internet users how to manage their personal data

Microsoft has launched a new campaign to increase awareness around online privacy issues. The company has long been active in the space, working with a range of players across the industry to educate consumers about Internet privacy, but its new campaign is focused on promoting choice and demonstrating how its products can help.

“We don’t pretend to have all of the answers, [but] we do want to help raise awareness for how you can have greater choice and control as you browse the web,” writes Microsoft’s Ryan Gavin in a blog post, which claims that 85 percent of Americans are concerned about online privacy but “far fewer” take action about it.

“To that end, today we are launching a new consumer awareness campaign focused on online privacy, with resources at We want to help people learn more about the tools and technologies Microsoft provides that give them greater control over personal information as they browse the Web and use their favorite Microsoft devices,” Gavin explains.

The campaign will include TV ads (such as the video below) and will see the Redmond-based company encourage Internet users to visit its ‘Safety and Security Center’ and take its ‘Privacy Type‘ consumer survey. The latter, it says, can help people learn about how they can better manage their security and presence on the Web.

While the TV advertising campaign will run in the US and the data that it cites is based on US Internet users, it isn’t clear if the campaign as a whole will be worldwide.

Microsoft isn’t advocating that all data sharing is to be avoided. The company explains that giving information to online sites and services is key to “tak[ing] advantage of all the Web has to offer” and providing more personal, tailored experiences. However, “we all draw a line where we are uncomfortable sharing more”, the company says.

The company has previously run ‘Scgroogle’ campaigns that target rival Google emphasizing the benefits of Microsoft’s own Bing search engine and other services for Internet users.

Google turned to television ads in 2011 to help spread word of its Chrome Web browser, and other services among mainstream audiences using a series of local campaigns across a number of global markets.

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