Flixster arrives for Xbox Live in the US: Buy or rent standard and HD movies, check movie listings, and more

Flixster arrives for Xbox Live in the US: Buy or rent standard and HD movies, check movie listings, and ...

Microsoft on Tuesday announced the arrival of Flixster on Xbox Live, with Kinect voice and gesture controls. The new app lets you buy and rent “thousands of popular movies,” check out show times at your local theater, and access the latest movie scores from Rotten Tomatoes, but only if you’re a US subscriber.

Pricing for movies will naturally vary, but most users will probably choose to rent rather than buy most flicks given that they won’t be watching them again. That being said, if you’re getting a movie for the whole household, you may want to buy it so others can watch later. Trailers are also available directly in the app.


Browsing current movie listings in theatres near you will probably be the next most useful feature for most. You can also check out new and upcoming DVD releases if you prefer to watch movies at home.

Speaking of checking out movies, you can check out their details via the Rotten Tomatoes integration. For those who don’t know, Flixster announced it was acquiring its competitor back in January 2010.

Movie studios also want you to know that the Flixster app gives you access to your UltraViolet movie collection on your Xbox. Most users probably won’t take advantage of this addition, but having help Microsoft’s weight behind the initiative should help.

The full feature list is as follows:

  • Buy or rent standard and high definition movies.
  • Browse current movie listings in theatres near you.
  • Peruse new and upcoming DVD releases.
  • Watch high quality movie trailers.
  • Access movie details, including film posters, synopses and Rotten Tomato scores.
  • Easily sort and watch movies from your UltraViolet movie collection.
  • Navigate using voice and gesture controls with Kinect for Xbox 360.

If you’re in the US, you can download the app for free from the Xbox Live marketplace now.

Top Image Credit: Steven Kapsinow

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