Internet Explorer 10 is now live for Windows 7, bringing speed bumps and boosted standards compliance

Internet Explorer 10 is now live for Windows 7, bringing speed bumps and boosted standards compliance ...

If you are a Windows 7 user that is frustrated with Chrome, today may be your lucky day. This morning Microsoft has released Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 in a total of 95 languages

Internet Explorer 10, released first for Windows 8, is an obvious piece of software for Windows 7, as it delivers a slew of updates to the code base of Internet Explorer 9, a key browser upgrade that moved Microsoft from the Ice Age to the modern era of browser technology.

Microsoft is, if you call them, touting two figures: that IE10 is 20% faster and that it delivers 60% more “support for web standards.” Naturally, your mileage will vary, but Microsoft is proud of two things that it was not proud of in the past: speed, and ability to render the contemporary web.

Let us dwell on the sins prior of Internet Explorer, and how far they have come. This is not to let them out of the wood completely – tabs remain misplaced in their user interface – but the Internet Explorer team has certainly made real and material changes to its operational strategy.

On the horn, Microsoft stressed how keen it was to absorb and adapt to standards: code once, run everywhere. This is certainly a new era. With the inclusion of Windows 7, Internet Explorer 10 can reach, in Microsoft’s view, around 700 million computing machines.

Microsoft, naturally, has a new advertisement in mind for Internet Explorer 10. It doesn’t need it, at least in the short term, given than it intends to deliver the new browser as an update that will ping nearly any computer running Windows 7 to slate an automatic upgrade.

In short, the next generation of Internet Explorer is here for the current Windows champion. Web developers rejoice.

Top Image Credit: Manuel Iglesias

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