Following and Office 365 outages, Bing users report service disruptions

Following and Office 365 outages, Bing users report service disruptions

Bing users across the Internet are reporting issues relating to the website and service, indicating a wide service disruption.

TNW was able to reproduce the downtime on several machines. However, one device that we did use to check the issue – a Samsung Series 8 tablet running Windows 8 – did load the website. We were able to produce the service issue using Safari on OS X, Chrome on OS X and Windows 7, and Internet Explorer 10 on a separate Windows 8 machine, each failing to load the search engine’s website.

Bing’s Windows 8 applications, including its main search app, appear to be online.

This morning Microsoft users reported an outage with both and Office 365. Microsoft informed TNW that the error was the result of maintenance.

Some Microsoft services experienced a short-term issue as a result of a networking adjustment. We worked quickly to roll back the adjustments made and all services are now restored to normal.

There is no reason as of yet to believe that the outages are related, although they could both stem from an issue on the Azure cloud computing platform. However, that remains speculation at this point.

TNW has reached out to Microsoft for comment on the disruption.

Update: A Microsoft spokesperson commented to TNW on the issue, noting that they have seen the error, and are working to resolve it:

“Microsoft is aware that Bing is experiencing isolated technical issues and some users may be impacted. Bing is analyzing the issue and working to resolve as soon as possible.”

Second Update: Bing is back. No official word on the cause of the outage, but the website is now back on all of TNW’s testing machines. The earliest report of the disruption places it at 3:33 PST, making the total outage for some at least 1:50 in length.

Top Image Credit: Robert Scoble

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