Microsoft’s Surface Pro pitch: The device is “new and exciting,” while Windows is “trusted and familiar”

Microsoft’s Surface Pro pitch: The device is “new and exciting,” while Windows is “trusted ...

In conjunction with releasing the key details of its Surface Pro tablet hybrid today, Microsoft has published a web clip designed to show off the device. Given the length of the video – it clocks in at over a minute – it is not designed for TV use in its current form. However we would not be surprised to see it cut into several shorter 30 second spots.

The advertisement matters as it explains how Microsoft intends on selling its tablet product. The Surface RT, Surface Pro’s little sibling has had difficulty resonating in the market, with its sales whispered to be below Microsoft’s expectations.

The Surface Pro is a larger, more expensive, and generally more laptop-ish. If that is the feature mix that the market wants, the Pro should slot well into sales channels. If not, it could remain a niche product for select business customers.

Watch the clip, and we’ll circle back to parse Microsoft’s message directly following:

In TNW’s mind, the key quote of the video was that the Surface is “new and exciting,” while Windows is “trusted and familiar.” This is at once a pitch for both Windows 8, frankly, and the Surface Pro; Microsoft is calling its past as foundation to help sell its new device and operating system. They are ‘Microsoft’ in their togetherness.

For the nuts and bolts released about the Surface Pro, head here.

Does the market want cheaper, touchscreen Ultrabooks, or something more exploratory, such as a Surface? Microsoft thinks its in the right, and that its pitch of ‘new’ and ‘trusted’ is just the ticket.

We’ll see if they are correct as the device goes to market.

Top Image Credit: Robert Scoble

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