Xbox Live account region migration is a go – you are now free to walk about the cabin

Xbox Live account region migration is a go – you are now free to walk about the cabin

Good news gamers: Xbox Live region migration is now fully live, meaning that if you move and change regions, you can now take your “gamerscore, unlocked achievements, any Microsoft Points already in your account and any remaining time on your Gold membership” with you, according to Microsoft’s Major Nelson.

This isn’t trivial: moving before was a nightmare. And while this may sound like a fringe problem, given the massive popularity, the issue was real.

It’s worth noting, however, that not everything will port over to a new region, including in some cases payment methods, certain content, and select services; given that Xbox Live has different restrictions in place in varying regions, if you move, it could impact your experience. However, this was to be expected.

Rules and how to move your account can be found here; once you are prepared, hit this link to get started.

Despite the age of the current Xbox 360, Microsoft has sat atop the console market for the past 24 consecutive months, outselling is rivals on a consistent basis. The company also likes to tout the number of ‘top 10’ titles are for its device, as compared to others. Total ecosystem ‘spend’ is a key metric for platform health.

Microsoft is widely expected to unveil its net console at E3 this year, less than 150 days hence.

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