Microsoft claims a meaningless 88% win rate in its new ‘Meet Your Match’ Windows Phone challenge

Microsoft claims a meaningless 88% win rate in its new ‘Meet Your Match’ Windows Phone challenge ...

The days of ‘Smoked by Windows Phone’ are behind us, but Microsoft’s new challenge, ‘Meet Your Match,’ is in full swing. Today the company published a blog post claiming that, thus far, it has secured an 88% victory rate in the gambit.

The challenge pits specific features of Windows Phone against those of other smartphone platforms. Quite obviously, the test is far less empirical than Smoked by Windows Phone, which was, at least in theory, a purely speed-based test.

Microsoft acknowledges this, calling the new challenge “informal.” Still, the company notes that it is “head-to-head” and is a “new take on ‘Smoked by Windows Phone.'” Those who take part are asked after if Windows Phone or their current phone would be better for them.

Continuing its tradition of posting numbers that look nice but carry all but no meaning due to a lack of an appropriate scale existing, the company claims that its 88% success rate was accrued across “75,000 Meet Your Match challenges & demos,” and that its new video clips online detailing the promotional game have accumulated 600,000 views.

Meet Your Match has been underway in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and France.

This is the sort of surface-level campaign that may have an impact on sales, but at best one that is hard to determine and define. Microsoft has provided some key guidance regarding Windows Phone 8’s performance, including that sales have quadrupled. That is an indicator of note, unlike this 88% figure.

Designing a challenge that directly spotlights the parts of your smartphone platform that you wish to flaunt isn’t exactly a fair game.

Top Image Credit: Vernon Chan

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