Microsoft: More than 750,000 Xbox 360 consoles sold in US alone during Black Friday

Microsoft: More than 750,000 Xbox 360 consoles sold in US alone during Black Friday

Today Microsoft announced a number of key sales data points concerning its living room entertainment line of products, including that more than 750,000 Xbox 360 consoles were sold during the Black Friday sales period in the United States.

That figure does not include sales in other countries, making it all the more impressive. According to the firm, Halo 4 has exceeded expectations, but Microsoft declined to be more specific.

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Contrasting with last year’s Black Friday orgy of consumer activity, “Xbox LIVE Gold Subscription card sales increased more than 50 percent.” Despite being all but a geriatric console, the Xbox 360 is not only growing its footprint, it appears to be accelerating.

This in the face of a new console from Microsoft that is tipped to land in the next 12 months. Again, compared to last year’s Black Friday period, Microsoft saw 43% more entertainment app usage.

The Xbox 360 has been the bestselling console for 22 consecutive months (through October). If it can keep the crown in the face of the new Wii U console remains to be seen. However, even if it slips for a month or two, it’s impossible to not say that the device has been a stunning hit for Microsoft.

We’ll know who is on top when NPD Group releases November’s data in a week or so.

Top Image Credit: Futurilla

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