The latest Surface ad is a confused, spinning, spawn-of-rainbow mess

The latest Surface ad is a confused, spinning, spawn-of-rainbow mess

Microsoft’s ad campaign for the Surface line of tablets has generally been strong. Wall painting, a teaser ad worth watching, and some decent early clips have provided the tablet line with buzz and a decent launch cycle.

However, the most recent ad from Microsoft boosting its tablet line is a mess. Instead of focusing on any single feature of the Surface tablet, or even Windows 8, Microsoft tries to show off every single thing that it can in 30 seconds. Guess how effective that is.

The advertisement is a dissapointment as the Surface has a number of key selling points that could each be treated to a 30 second spot. Instead, we’re shown a dizzying full-frontal blast of spinning keyboards – that most consumers won’t recognize as important, or interesting – along with derivative content from the Ice Age movie series. Oh, also included are Skype and Office logos, but if you blink, well, then there aren’t.

The music is off, and the pace too quick for the average consumer. Here:

If you could parse that on the go, and in one take, congratulations: you know too much about Microsoft.

In a time in which Surface sales are likely lagging a touch – the lull between the launch of the device, and the Christmas sales cycle – Microsoft needs something strong to propel its nascent tablet project. This is not it.

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