Microsoft continues its ‘Meet Your Match’ Windows Phone campaign with new ad, website

Microsoft continues its ‘Meet Your Match’ Windows Phone campaign with new ad, website

Today Microsoft released a new web video advertisement in its ‘Meet Your Match’ campaign, along with a tailored website that contains other similar clips.

Advertising is not an ancillary part of the current Microsoft strategy, it is instead a key component of its new product mix, as the company has a large number of new pieces of software and hardware in the market that lack market share, and need selling.

Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, and the Surface line of tablets are obviously the most prominent. Microsoft, at its recent Windows Phone 8 event in San Francisco promised a massive ad spend for the three products, something that has been evinced by the physical, TV, and digital spots.

Not all ads have been hits, however. TNW recently faulted the company for a Surface ad that was as unfocused as it was too fast.

However, the Meet Your Match clips are the successor to the arguably popular and mildly successful ‘Smoked by Windows Phone’ ads that we have all become familiar with. For TNW’s first look at this new campaign, head here.

Out today is the following clip:

And this website, to support the campaign:

The idea is the same as always: Windows Phone is better at certain, people-centric tasks than devices that run iOS and Android.

Will the new ads be a success? As before, Microsoft will see fit to tout ad viewership figures. What we want, however, is sales numbers.

Top Image Credit: Vernon Chan

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