Microsoft Store runs out of stock of base 32GB Surface tablet

Microsoft Store runs out of stock of base 32GB Surface tablet

The Microsoft Store is now listing the $499 32GB Surface with Windows RT tablet as out of stock, though it is still selling the $599 bundle that includes a Touch Cover.

Ed Bott noticed that the device is currently unavailable after originally being listed as having a 3-week delay.

The 32GB and 64GB models that include the Touch Cover are still available. Microsoft doesn’t appear to be out of the standalone 32GB model worldwide, however, as the Chinese online store lists it as being in stock.

Microsoft notes in its Surface disk space FAQ that the 32GB model only has 16GB of available space. Windows RT, Microsoft Office and other built-in apps take up 8GB on their own. For more on this, Marco Arment has written an interesting discussion about tablet storage and pricing.

CEO Steve Ballmer said earlier this year that Microsoft hopes to sell a “few million” Surface tablets in a year’s time. The company has had some trouble meeting early demand though, as it delayed orders to the UK after selling out of initial pre-order stock.

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