Picked up a Surface? Here’s how to upgrade to the final version of Office 2013 RT

Picked up a Surface? Here’s how to upgrade to the final version of Office 2013 RT

I’ve been waiting for this update to roll around, and if you have a Surface I suspect that the same is true for you. Today, you can snag the final version of Office 2013 RT, but only if you head in the proper direction.

Thanks to the lovely Paul Thurrott, who first pointed out the process by which the update can be procured, you can – assuming that Windows Update on your device is not being wonky, or your region too obscure – download the update that should improve your productivity experience on your new tablet.

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Thus, to the directions:

  • Head to the Control Panel version of Windows Update, not the Metro-accessible version that you use for more everyday settings changes.
  • Fire up a search for ‘Windows Update,’ and select ‘Install optional updates,’ instead of ‘Windows Update’ from the list of results.
  • If no updates are available, have the device run a check. If there are, then get going right away. The update you are looking for, again, via Thurrott’s Supersite, is titled “Update for Microsoft Office Home & Student 201[3] RT Preview.”
  • Select it, and install.
  • Reboot.

You are now all set. Enjoy the non-preview version of Office for your device by writing TNW a lovely letter pledging fealty in all things. Now, go enjoy your weekend.

Top Image Credit: Jeffrey Riehle

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