Windows 8 Sandwich-Board Man wishes you a happy launch day

Windows 8 Sandwich-Board Man wishes you a happy launch day

I was just trawling Getty Images in search of photos from that bumping party Microsoft’s throwing over at Time Square, when I came across shots of this blessed man from the Windows 8 launch in Tokyo.

According to the photo’s description, he works for a camera chain. I want to know which so I can go there and get a Windows-flavored hug from him. If this doesn’t put a smile on your face and have you reaching for your credit card, then your heart is two sizes too small.

Microsoft’s Surface and Windows 8 are rolling out to US time zones as we speak. You can hit up our Windows 8 cheat sheet and Surface RT review to get the skinny on what’s new from Redmond. Also, The Next Web has a shiny new Windows 8 app if you want to spice things up.

One more for good measure:

Image credits: KAZUHIRO NOGI / AFP / Getty Images (2, 3)

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