Coming to Windows Phone: The ability to quickly share apps

Coming to Windows Phone: The ability to quickly share apps

Leaked ROMs have the great tendency of letting us peek into what we are not yet supposed to know. In that vein, today, news is out that Windows Phone 7.8 ROMs have made it known that a form of app sharing is coming to Window Phone.

This is a small, but important addition to the platform; it could boost per-user app engagement, in turn helping to raise the floor of the Windows Phone development community.

However, at the moment, how the bloody system will work remains out of our sight. To access the share option, a users clicks and holds on a third-party application, bringing up the following image:

According to WPCentral, who brought the discovery to light, the share button is inert. In its own words: “nothing happens when we press it.” That in mind, we can only speculate. Still, if the share options were too different from what is available in other parts of Windows Phone, we would be surprised.

Will you find the feature in Windows Phone 8? TNW is nearly certain, but doesn’t want to call the point in case Microsoft has a neat, and different plan in mind for its forthcoming refresh of the mobile platform.

Will you be able to shoot apps from phone to phone? It is possible that Zune’s ‘squirting’ could rise again, but we haven’t heard word of that, so don’t get your hopes up.

We’re some distance from knowing all that we need about both Windows Phone 7.8 and 8, something that this disclosure underlines. More as it shakes loose from the tree.

Top Image Credit: Dell Inc.

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