Windows Phone 8’s unreleased SDK taken for a spin [video]

Windows Phone 8’s unreleased SDK taken for a spin [video]

Windows Phone 8 is not out, nor are its developer tools. Microsoft has yet to fully detail the coming refresh to its mobile line.

However, that didn’t stop the fine folks over at Windows Phone Central from getting their hands on a copy of Windows Phone 8’s SDK. To get the darn thing to work, the team had to configure their computer running on Windows 8 Pro RTM 64-bit.

Now, the SDK itself has been bouncing around for some time on certain forums. However, the video that WPCentral published is a great walk-through of what you can expect from the tool, and from much of Windows Phone 8 itself. If you have developed for Windows Phone, or have even contemplated it, the clip is worth a spin.

Get watching:

Windows Phone 8 shifts the mobile line to the Windows NT kernel, marking a dramatic shift from its preceding versions. According to an unofficial, but likely correct timeline, Windows Phone 8 will touch down on October 29th.

That’s no more than a touch over a month from now. Get ready.

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