Bing adds new train routes to its map tool, opening up travel planning options in the UK

Bing adds new train routes to its map tool, opening up travel planning options in the UK

For users of Bing’s maps in the UK and those coming for a visit that will take them into and around the capital, you will be pleased to know that the mapmaker has expanded its coverage for transport directions.

Bing Maps Routing Program Manager Joel Reiff has updated the Bing blog with the new features.

In partnership with travel tracking and booking site,, Bing has added routes from 31 train lines to go with existing London Underground and bus directions.

This at least opens up opportunities for people further afield to plan a complete journey. With the new information available, directions from Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, Wales to the Olympic Stadium in London can be mapped out.

As well as starting points, destinations and forms of transport, dates and times of travel can be added to calculate when you need to get a wriggle on to be where you’re headed.

Here’s a peek at what it will look like:

It’s not too dissimilar in appearance to another search engine mapping service we can think of. But having extra functions means more choice on the market for consumers to take advantage of when planning to get out and about.

Bing has been improving its mapping tool in other ways recently, including a recent boost to its traffic tracking capabilities. So at least maps are getting smarter, even if we’re not quite smart enough to work out a way to entirely avoid the rush hour.

Image Credit: myhsu

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