Windows 8’s RTM build tipped to land in July at Microsoft’s MGX event

Windows 8’s RTM build tipped to land in July at Microsoft’s MGX event

Windows 8 may reach its ‘release to manufacturing’ build (RTM) in July. A rumor has the date pegged for the upcoming MGX event that will be held between July 17th and 20th.

Microsoft made waves last week with the announcement of its Surface line of tablets, and Windows Phone 8 software. Somewhat lost in the mix was the fact that development on Windows 8 itself continues apace. The code is racing towards completion, as OEMs prepare to design and ship new systems to run it.

Windows 8 has to be completed in the next month or two if Microsoft expects its hardware partners to have the number and diversity of machines prepared and in the market for the holiday season that it wishes.

The rumor reported at the top of this post comes from Wzor, a  source that NeoWin notes has “been known to leak Windows information in the past.” This isn’t 100%, but the signs look right: a late July release is right on schedule, and Microsoft has an event already set up to use as a stage.

Even more, the company will need a fresh set of press to keep Windows 8 in the minds of consumers, once the Surface story completely blows over. That shouldn’t take long, given that the hardware isn’t in the hands of the press, or the public. Out of sight, out of mind.

We’re prying under rocks to see if we can scare up more information on the RTM date, and if we find anything new, this post will be updated.

Top Image Credit: Microsoft

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