Nokia throws a bone to existing Lumia owners with new apps and features in WP7

Nokia throws a bone to existing Lumia owners with new apps and features in WP7

On the stage from Microsoft’s Windows Phone Summit, Nokia’s Senior VP Kevin Shields is announcing some new features for current Lumia owners. The additions seem like a bone being thrown to people who might have recently bought a Lumia 800 or 900, only to have it confirmed today that they won’t get Windows Phone 8.

Windows Phone 7.8 will include many new features, including that updated Start screen, but Lumia owners get some additions of their very own:

  • Play To – A new DLNA feature for streaming media
  • Updated Music app – Including the feature to make, download and play back mixes
  • New Camera features – Burst, Panorama, Self-Timer and Smart Group Shot (to fix 1-person blinks)

The Nokia Maps app also gets an update, with 3 core features:

  • Maps – Easier photo uploads, and the ability to rate places
  • Transit – You can now pin a location to the Start screen, for ease of access
  • Drive – My Commute can now tell you how long your commute will be, via a tile on the Start screen.

The updates aren’t revolutionary, but they should ease the sting somewhat for those folks who might be feeling stiffed after having just purchased  a phone that won’t get a full Windows 8 upgrade.

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