Microsoft Research + Kinect + 3D = MirageTable

Microsoft Research + Kinect + 3D = MirageTable

One of the best parts of the weekend is that the news generally calms, and a new sort of story emerges: the fun note. Today, Microsoft Research and some crazy lab tech fused with off the self hardware is our game.

Now, as any astute reader of TNW Microsoft will know, we love a good Microsoft Research project. Why? Because things from the future always appear cooler now than they would be in the ‘real world;’ what you cannot use is always prettier than what you can.

The grass is greener, in other words. But forget that, we have something cool. Please meet the MirageTable, which fuses a Kinect, 3D glasses, and humans into an interactive experience that makes Skype look like a smoke signal, when it comes to functional communication.


Like we intimated, we want one. If only Microsoft Research was plugged into a company that could be built into real products. Oh wait. Get on it, Ballmer.

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