Windows Phone is sponsoring a horse in the Kentucky Derby

Windows Phone is sponsoring a horse in the Kentucky Derby

You can’t make this sort of thing up. Microsoft, in a bid to boost the image and profile of its Windows Phone brand, is sponsoring a horse in the upcoming Kentucky Derby horse race. According to GeekWire, the thoroughbred that Microsoft has put its lot in with, Hansen, has some chops:

As the winner of the Breeders’ Cup Juvenile, the horse is among the favorites this Saturday, but regardless of where he finishes, he will stand out from the field as the only white horse in the running.

Alright, now you want to see the horse, right? Here you go, via Microsoft:

The jockey will be wearing Windows Phone attire.

Is this a bit gauche? Of course, but it’s also good fun. Microsoft is taking part in a sport to sport their wares in a non-traditional way, for a tech company at least. So it’s off to the races for Windows Phone. Here’s to hoping that they win, just so that we can read the oh-so-smug Microsoft blog post about the victory.


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