Microsoft job post hints at Web-based Skype

Microsoft job post hints at Web-based Skype

This is quite important. Microsoft, fresh off its enormous Skype acquisition, appears set to drive the platform onto the Web itself, potentially greatly expanding its reach and functionality. This leak comes, as many do, from a rather bluntly worded job posting. The specific listing, which you can find in is entirety here, is for a computer scientist in Prague that will work on the following:

Team at Skype is looking for passionate, team-oriented and self-motivated developers to help us bring Skype experience on to the Web.

You will have a chance to integrate existing Skype solutions on to the web with the support of the backend services build from the ground up using latest Microsoft technologies. Result of your work will be used by hundreds millions of thankful users worldwide.

That’s pretty hard to misread. What will Skype on the Web look like? We don’t know, but we want to use it. Skype is not something that everyone keeps open, and so by migrating to the browser, the commutations tool could become easier to access, and less ponderous that it currently is; Skype’s Mac and Windows apps are not famed for being light weight or all that quick.

Also, as desktop apps themselves begin to lose steam (see Windows on ARM, for example), this sort of web functionality may be the future norm. Think on how Microsoft is building Office 15 to reflect how important this sort of web-connectivity and capability is, for example.

We have our ears open on this one, and if we hear more, we’ll bring it to you on the double.

Via NeoWin, WPSauce

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