Dropping letters: Windows 8 may have ‘Pro’ edition

Dropping letters: Windows 8 may have ‘Pro’ edition

The never-ending dribble of new Windows 8 content continues: on the docket today is an interesting indication that Microsoft intends to rejig its naming strategy for its forthcoming operating system.

For as long as I can recall, Windows has shipped with a ‘Professional’ edition. From Windows 2000 Professional (the lovely Win2KP), all the way through Windows 7 Professional, that long, somewhat clunky word has been a part of the Windows SKU lexicon. This may be no more. Say hello to a new potential name: Windows 8 Pro.

As NeoWin notes, the name may be a simple pre-production moniker that could be replaced before the product’s launch, but I must say that the word Pro has a nice feel to it. I can envision three versions of normal (non-ARM) Windows 8: Home, Pro, Enterprise. That would be a simple, easy way to tell the difference between the editions. I would prefer that Windows 8 be just that, and not be versioned into various chunks, but that’s far too much to hope for.

However, that list of names that I just posited is not what Microsoft has in mind. According to The Verge: “Microsoft’s Windows 8 Consumer Preview included references to a “Professional Plus” Windows 8 edition, along with the traditional Starter, Home Basic, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions.” That means that this entire ‘Pro’ idea may be nothing more than fancy beta-speak.

What will the final names be of the Windows 8 SKUs? At this point the only thing we know is that there are going to be several, and that Microsoft hasn’t told us a darn thing. More as it comes.

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