Microsoft hints that Bing is developing a program for startups and entrepreneurs

Microsoft hints that Bing is developing a program for startups and entrepreneurs

According to a LinkedIn update by Rahul Sood, who was up until now a partner at Microsoft’s Xbox team, a new program is being designed for entrepreneurs and startups by Bing.

The exact details of the initiative are not yet confirmed at the moment and it is unclear how and what Bing will do to support the startup community, but it’s noteworthy that Microsoft is no stranger to partnering with small businesses (aka BizSpark). Also, the Bing team has previously gotten involved in the Boston startup scene over the past year with its “Findable and Fundable” event.

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Sood is now moving from the Xbox team to Bing in order to make the program a reality, which he himself described as “an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.”

For some background, Rahul Sood has been working at Microsoft for the past year and a half, formerly of the entertainment business team (aka Xbox). Before that he worked with HP after it acquired his company, VoodooPC.

From the update:

I recently transitioned from Xbox to create a new program designed for entrepreneurs & startups in BING…quite simply an opportunity I couldn’t pass up — and I’ll be able to share more details later.

We’ll keep our eyes peeled for updates relating to Bing’s startup program, so keep checking back for more details.

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