Leaked Fujitsu roadmap hints at Q4 Windows 8 launch

Leaked Fujitsu roadmap hints at Q4 Windows 8 launch

TNW has written so much speculation on the Windows 8 launch timing, that we even went what can only be dubbed ‘full-Nostradamus’ and mathmagically came up with a RTM date for the operating system. Our efforts aside, I haven’t met a person recently who thinks that the operating system will not be released in 2012.

And so, right in line with ours and the markets speculation comes a leaked Fujitsu roadmap for the year that says, plainly: “Q4 2012: Win8 Launch.” That’s not hard to parse. Take a look for yourself:

The image was first reported in Imidoresc.ro, a Romanian publication that attended a Fujitsu event, at which the company explained its coming strategies. Quoting (via Google Translate):

“Until last night, when they organized an event in which they presented the current line of laptops and tablets, explaining the philosophy and underlying technologies. Also presented and releases roadmap for this year. […] Towards the end we see the Fujitsu tablet with Windows 8 and, in September, a Windows tablet and keyboard dock.” Or: Windows 8 is probably going to land in consumer hands on various form factors around the world late this year.

That Fujitsu would launch a new tablet before the release of Windows 8 is confusing, and we leave it to your judgement to untangle.

As you certainly remember, Microsoft is holding a Windows 8 event on February 29th, at the Mobile World Congress. TNW will be in attendance, and expects Microsoft to unveil the operating system’s consumer preview, and begin its distribution; the company refuses to comment on what, if anything, it will do on that date aside from hold an invite-only press event.

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