Like Windows 8’s ‘Metro’ design? Thank this Mac user

Like Windows 8’s ‘Metro’ design? Thank this Mac user

Well, we did not see this coming. Please meet Bill Flora, a nice chap that in the words of CNet, is “a key leader on the team that created Microsoft’s Metro interface.” Yes, the Metro design aesthetic that is part of Windows Phone, Zune, Windows 8, and the Xbox Dashboard.

Whether you like Metro or not, it’s something that is going to run on hundreds of millions of machines, across form factors. Put more simply: Metro matters, and as its future goes, so too do the fortunes of many Microsoft products. However, not all is as it might seem.

Astute eyes at CultOfMac noticed something quite interesting about this picture of Mr. Flora:

In the words of our Matthew Panzarino, that looks like a “27” cinema display, maybe [a] thunderbolt display, and a MacBook pro.” Yes indeed. And this, from the man who helped to shape the design future of most Microsoft platforms. He told CNet that Metro “was fresh,” and that it “wasn’t Apple.” Indeed, and now we seem to know how he knew.

Please note that this post is in nearly complete jest. There are people at Apple and Microsoft who use both platforms, just as we do here at TNW. If you have a pitchfork in hand, please go home.

Update: As some of you know, Flora is no longer with Microsoft. There, now you all know!

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