Windows Phone’s Facebook app set to receive much needed update

Windows Phone’s Facebook app set to receive much needed update

New platforms often contain apps that, while fuctional, are not exactly bursting with features. So it has been with the Windows Phone Facebook app, an application that, especially given the closeness of Microsoft and Facebook, has been in great need of an update for some time.

Happily, the wait is all but over. GeekWire has a good take on just what is wrong with the current iteration of the app:

The app shows the number of likes but doesn’t let you press to see everyone who clicked. And don’t even try to set the privacy level when you post an update. The settings simply aren’t there. Small things, perhaps, but they’re just a couple of the annoyances that have made the Windows Phone Facebook app quirky to use, to put it politely.

The app, from top to bottom, while being pleasing to the eye, is simply incomplete when paired with the modern Facebook; as Facebook changes, so must the applications that service it. A new version of the app is in the pipes; Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore spun the update as a ‘heart’ from Redmond, to its users: “Yep, it’s true! Facebook is one of our #WP7 sweethearts– watch Marketplace soon for a heart-swelling update of the #WP Facebook app!”

According to its Facebook page, the app should contain updates to the following:

• News feed performance improvements
• New panorama design.
• New profile design.
• Banner Images.
• Improved navigation.
• Pages
• Groups
• View “likes”.
• Feed filters.
• Posting privacy.
• Bug fixing

That’s quite the list, and it does hit on all the current issues that we can summon from memory. Head to the app Marketplace, can you snag it?

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