New photos of LG’s upcoming Windows Phone handset have leaked

New photos of LG’s upcoming Windows Phone handset have leaked

If you have only consumed our coverage of Windows Phone in the past few weeks, you might have come to the conclusion that we live in a strictly Nokia world. Not a bit of that, options abound, as it turns out.

One of those other choices comes from LG, a company that has been involved with the Windows Phone project since it began. The firm is working on a new handset, which is either called the Fantasy or the Miracle. We suspect that those code names will be washed, eventually.

Anyway, the skinny is that the phone keeps leaking pictures. Here are the most recent:

It’s a handsome enough phone, if not as head turning as Nokia’s Lumia line of phones. According to the good people at WPCentral, the phone likely contains the following: “a 4″ WVGA NOVA display, 1ghz second gen CPU, 8gb of internal storage, plus a 1.3mp front/5mp rear set of cameras.” When might we see this phone in action? Well, the Mobile World Congress is just around the corner, so we bet pretty soon.

If the phone is announced at the MWC, it will cap off a rather packed event. Microsoft is planning on using the date to show off Windows 8, and we suspect, Windows Phone 8. You can find all our Windows Phone coverage here.

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