5 years ago today, Microsoft unleashed the biggest troll of all time

5 years ago today, Microsoft unleashed the biggest troll of all time

According to Pingdom, Microsoft brought Windows Vista into existence on January 30, 2007, which means it is celebrating its 5th birthday as we speak.

I’ve never been a fan of Vista, and honestly can’t really think of anyone who ever was. It was a failed attempt to bulk up on shiny OS X-like features, and it ended up making XP look lean and fast until Windows 7 finally came into play.

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In fact, even as Windows 8 inches towards beta, XP is still the #2 most popular operating system in the world, utterly destroying Mac OS X’s market share. Right now, Vista sits just 3% above OS X at 10% of all operating systems — definitely still a significant number.

Believe me when I say I am not the only one to hate on Vista. It seems like the whole world was let down after Microsoft took about 6 years to crank it out. Luckily, it didn’t take Windows 7 too long to make up for Vista’s shortcomings, and a lot of softies have their hearts set on Windows 8, which certainly looks promising at the moment.

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