Microsoft: “We are working to extend a few of our Xbox [Live] titles to other platforms”

Microsoft: “We are working to extend a few of our Xbox [Live] titles to other platforms”

Although there has been some conjecture surrounding Microsoft bringing Xbox Live titles to other platforms, a spokesperson has given the most revealing statement yet about the possibility to Inside Mobile Apps.

When questioned about the plans to bring Xbox Live titles to iPhone and Android, a representative had this to say:

While the Xbox Live experiences and games always work best on the Windows platform, we understand that some Xbox fans may be using other types of devices. To satisfy that need, we are working to extend a few of our Xbox experiences and titles to other platforms.

Earlier this month, job listings appeared that looked for people to “bring the latest and greatest gaming and entertainment experience to mobile platforms including Windows Phone, iOS and other mobile platforms.”

That appeared to indicate rather solidly that Microsoft was looking to expand its titles beyond the Windows Phone platform. This makes a lot of sense for the company as it has been expanding many of its apps across platforms, especially to iOS. Recently it ported over its Skydrive project to Android and iPhone, and it has also released a Kinectimals title on the iOS platform.

Although Xbox Live exclusivity is something that many have touted as a prime draw for the Windows Mobile platform, Microsoft appears to disagree and thinks that the better strategy is to embed the Windows ecosystem across all platforms. We tend to agree, and think that Windows Phone has a lot more going for it than just exclusive Xbox titles.

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