Microsoft Flight: A first look

Microsoft Flight: A first look

Footage has been posted from CES today that provides a first look at Microsoft Flight, the forthcoming flight simulator. Microsoft Flight, the sequel to the Microsoft Flight Simulator series, will be ‘free to play,’ and contain the ability for users to purchase add-ons and upgrades. If you are familiar with the League of Legends model, you understand how Flight will earn its keep.

The video is neither in depth, or robust on details, but it does provide a good look at what might be the game’s calling card: its visual effects. Flight simulation as a genre of games is graphics heavy, a fact that stems from how the games are played. We have seen a teaser of the game before, but this is our first taste of the game in normal use.  We’ll hit the clip and circle back afterwards:

Our thoughts on the game have not changed in light of this demonstration. Flight will likely attract a casual audience, and given its no cost, a large one. However, this will do little to disrupt the yet popular Flight Simulator X, a game that has its own cottage industry that create modifications and models for the game. Given that Flight appears aimed at the non-hardcore, I expect it to have little to no effect on its prequel. TNW spoke with an expert on flight simulators, and especially Microsoft’s products in the market, and he concurred with our synthesis.

TNW intends on reviewing Flight when we can get our hands on a copy.

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