Nokia: We’ll say it again, Microsoft is not buying us

Nokia: We’ll say it again, Microsoft is not buying us

File this in the ‘dear lord here we go again’ category. Fresh unsubstantiated hype has again taken to the Internet, pushing the idea that Microsoft and Nokia are, again, about to go full-nuptial.

And again, like before, it’s not true. If you want to look at the source material, such as it is, you can check here and here. We aren’t sure that it is worth your time. Here’s Nokia’s firm rebuttal to the story, which is itself running the risk of becoming a meme:

“We’ve put these rumours to rest a long time ago. The focus for Nokia is on executing on our partnership around Windows Phone and growing the ecosystem, and each company has the tools they need to do so”

This time around, everyone agrees that there is no deal in the works.

Nokia, as you have noticed, is very much in the news right now as it prepares to launch a number of handsets in the United States on several networks. That release will mark its new swing at the US market, a key locale for smartphone OEMs, due to its size and influence on global design trends and consumer preferences.

Given Nokia’s strong partnership with Microsoft, this rumor will resurface. And when it does, we will bat it back down for you. Someday it may even be true. But for now, you can keep the tinfoil hat in the closet.

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