Newly leaked Windows 8 screenshots show off its onboarding process

Newly leaked Windows 8 screenshots show off its onboarding process

New images leaked this weekend demonstrate what the Windows 8 onboarding process will look like in the public beta of the operating system, due in late February of next year. The amount of Windows 8 leaks has remained steady in recent weeks, perhaps indicating that development activity in Redmond is at a fever pitch.

Today we have three images that show what a user will be presented with when getting started with Windows 8, albeit not in English. Each is a bit of a let down, being blockish and soporific. This has been the trend in recent Windows 8 images: slack design. Yes, squares and colors are nice, but they don’t constitute a full design; they are elements, at best.

Check the shots, and we’ll circle back afterwards:

We hate to say it, but our dissapointment with these images mirrors exactly our discontentment with the music player that is integrated into the tablet interface of Windows 8:

While the ‘Metro’ design theme that Windows 8 is set to embody has generally been met with positive reviews, it has always run the risk of being too flat, to square, and too dull. The music player that, according to recent leaks, is present in the current build of the operating system falls prey to each of those failings.

That is exactly how we feel about these new images. Come on Microsoft, go find the guys who designed the Zune desktop client, and steal them.

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