Microsoft pushes Silverlight 5 with H.264 decoding and improved 3D support

Microsoft pushes Silverlight 5 with H.264 decoding and improved 3D support

In what is likely going to be the final release of Silverlight, Microsoft has just pushed version 5 out into the world. According to ZDNet, it will be supported by Microsoft until 2021, meaning that you don’t have to worry about it disappearing anytime soon. Quite good news, since streaming media companies such as LoveFilm have recently adopted the platform.

You can grab the update here while you keep reading, but there are no platform changes for Silverlight. There is some extended support for hardware decoding of H.264 streams, as well as “improvements for 3D support using the XNA programming interface”.

If you’ve been considering getting into development with Silverlight on the Windows Phone platform, bear in mind that Microsoft has recently released the Mango development kit, falling in line with what we’ve been saying for some time – Silverlight is going to be the backbone of development for Windows Phone.

Just a quickie for your Friday news, so grab the download, update your browsers and let us know if you find anything that we’ve missed.

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