The advertising SDK for Windows 8 ‘Metro’ apps is now live

The advertising SDK for Windows 8 ‘Metro’ apps is now live

Microsoft has made available the technical preview of the advertising SDK that will be used in Windows 8 ‘Metro’ applications. The company announced in September that Metro apps for the new operating system would support advertising as one method of monetization.

The company claims that it is working to ensure that advertising is ‘immersive’ and compliant with normal IAB standards. The following three images demosntrate what advertising might look like in Windows 8, at this stage in its development:

While advertising will form a critical component of Windows 8 application development, there is other news afoot that is worth mentioning here. Earlier today it was announced that for in-app purchases, PayPal would be a supported option.

In a short blog post today, PayPal announced that it will be a payment option in the forthcoming Windows store. At the Microsoft event that recently released details of the Windows Store, an eBay application was shown running that used PayPal. However, until today, it was not known that PayPal itself would be an approved method of making payments across the Windows Store.

TNW has reached out to Microsoft to confirm whether PayPal support will extend to the purchase of applications themselves, or will be restricted to in-app transactions.

Advertising, assuming that it is developers take to it with gusto, could allow for a plethora of applications to populate the Windows Store rapidly. This will satiate even the most budget-conscious Windows user. What effect it will have on aggregate app pricing in the Windows ecosystem is anyone’s guess at this time.

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