Windows 8’s Start Screen to allow for customization after all

Windows 8’s Start Screen to allow for customization after all

It’s a good news day for anyone who plans to use Windows 8 on a daily basis in the future. After some delay, it has been confirmed via a leaked screenshot that indeed, the new-touch focused ‘Start Screen’ will allow for both color and background image customization.

This is a breath of fresh air for anyone who has been using the Windows 8 developer preview, as the green background that it employs can begin to wear on the eyes the seven hundredth time that it is viewed. At BUILD, the conference at which Microsoft took most of the wraps off of Windows 8, this was the scene that had some people worried:

Green, green, and more green. And when the developer preview code went out, there was no option to change that piece of the operating system. The Lock Screen and User Tile features both were customizable, but the green background was not.

To hear, therefore, that that is a temporary issue is nice indeed. It is an added treat that images will be usable as backgrounds, and not just any solid color. The green will come to an end. Check the screenshot:

We apologize for the phenomenally annoying watermark. But there you have, ladies and dudes, the good news in image form: increased customization is coming to Windows 8. Our question is this: why didn’t this ship with the developer preview?

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