Nokia’s Lumia 710 makes it past the FCC, likely headed to T-Mobile

Nokia’s Lumia 710 makes it past the FCC, likely headed to T-Mobile

If you live in the States and thought that Nokia’s newly unveiled Windows Phone handsets were snappy, we have good news, the Lumia 710 appears to be on track to hit up T-Mobile. The handset recently cleared the FCC, and things are looking positive for a launch.

The timing on its possible release here in the US is yet unknown. WinRumors has it as potentially “about to launch” on the network, but we have little to go on so far.

Why are we saying T-Mobile? Reporting by WPCentral has the information: “[the device soared] through the United States FCC sporting the T-Mobile-unique 3G 1700 band (as well as 850 and 1900 ones).” So unless Nokia is being super secretive by running through the FCC with fasle flags in the air, this bad boy is coming to T-Mobile.

Right, so should you care? Probably. That Nokia is prepared to bring one of its handsets to this market almost contradicts the firm’s party line, that its phones would not be making the jump across the pond until 2012. This could be changing. We would have preferred to see the Lumia 800, the higher-end of Nokia’s line of phones, signal its arrival, but the gift horse has perfect teeth.

One last thought: FCC approval does not always mean a launch is imminent. T-Mobile could be simply laying the groundwork for next year. But thinking like that is no fun. We have pinged Microsoft over the matter and will update this post upon hearing back.

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