Tiny Microsoft store draws attention on iPhone 4S launch day in Seattle

Tiny Microsoft store draws attention on iPhone 4S launch day in Seattle

Eagle-eyed Apple fans queuing for the iPhone 4S on Friday’s launch day in Seattle got a surprise as a tiny both store from rival Microsoft lay a mere stone’s throw from the Seattle University Apple Store.

It may not compare to the grandeur of its great rival Apple’s outlets but the temporary booth, photographed by Geek Wire, was an innovative creation, popping up in car park next to the Apple Store on the university campus. During the iPhone 4S launch it caught the attention of geeks that were in the area to get their hands on Apple’s latest smartphone.

Geek Wire sampled the entertainment on offer and was suitably impressed:

You can play games on a Kinect, dancing, hitting virtual volleyballs or taking penalty shots on an animated goalkeeper.

On a visit today, I busted out my soccer skills on Kinect while my brother got his iPhone fixed at the Apple store. (Anything is better than shopping, right?)

The booth, which is not a retail outlet, has actually been in position since October 8 with the aim of generating interest in Microsoft’s upcoming new store on the campus, which opens October 20. The launch will see a number of celebrity appearances including baseball legend Edgar Martinez and Seattle Sounders FC goalkeeper Kasey Keller, while music performances from The Black Keys and OneRepublic are planned.

Microsoft is planning a range of new stores including New York and Orlando this year, according to Winrumours, though it seems unlikely that the Kinect booth, fun though it is, will be rolling out nationwide any time soon.

This both is great guerilla marketing concept however it remains unclear just how busy it was on iPhone 4S launch day, or at any other time. I’d certainly have had a look and given the demos a play, would you?

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