Mitt Romney heads to Microsoft to talk trade

Mitt Romney heads to Microsoft to talk trade

The Republican presidential primary could not be in a higher level of swing, and that is bringing the candidates into our own sphere of technology. Tomorrow, current front-runner Mitt Romney is taking the time during his West Coast trip to head to Microsoft, and speak to the firm’s political action committee.

Microsoft has invited all candidates to enjoy some of its hospitality and chat at its political arm. Romney is coming to specifically discuss trade policy. This fits in well with the candidate’s recent strong language on Chinese monetary policy, and methods of controlling piracy. Both are issues that directly impact Microsoft, especially the problem of illegal software. According to reports, some 90% of Windows installs in that country are fraudulent.

What exactly Romney will propagate is not known, but it will likely mirror his previous statements.

Of course, Microsoft has stated that this meeting should in no way constitute an endorsement:”Our PAC has a long history of inviting speakers and thought leaders representing a wide range of political views to Microsoft to provide our employees with a forum for information and discussion about contemporary issues.” The same goes for this post.

As the SeattleTimes noted, Romney is the first candidate to swing by Washington, and is thus the first to talk to Microsoft. We doubt that he will be the last.  On a different note, TNW has interviewed both Republican candidates Fred Karger and Gary Johnson on their technology views. A similar proposal was not responded to by the Romney campaign. The offer stands.

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