Microsoft reassures Windows Phone developers over App Hub flap

Microsoft reassures Windows Phone developers over App Hub flap

Microsoft has today responded to a minor outcry in the Windows Phone development community over a set of emails that had been sent out, informing developers that their accounts on App Hub (the WP7 developer back-end) were set to soon expire. The problem that cropped up was that when a developer went to renew, the system would not let him.

Obviously, with Mango still rolling out, and developer interest near peak levels, this was a problem large enough that it required direct action from Microsoft. As it turns out, as it sorts of the kinks in its system, no developer will be locked out of their account, or have their content pulled. An obvious move, and a rectifying one, but one that was needed all the same.

Until Microsoft sorts the renewal process, developers have to take no steps to keep up to date. How much confusion this is causing on the Redmond side of things is unknown, but the company surely must be a bit facially flush. After all, telling your oldest, most loyal developers that you have borked the platform they depend on is hardly confidence inducing.

Still, the problem appears minor, and now set off. That assume that Microsoft’s patch will work, but I doubt that the company will put anything out until it has been rigorously tested. This is what the company said on the matter:

Account Renewals Issues Will Not Impact Your Account


Many of you may have received one or more email notifications that your account is going to expire or has been cancelled. Unfortunately the instructions in these emails are not correct and therefore you are unable to process the renewal. We are working through the issues and as soon as we have the renewal path up and running there are no actions for you to take at this time. Please note that your account access, usability and apps published will not be impacted in any way for any account type while we work through this issue. As soon as we have the actions to be taken in place, we will provide instructions on how to do so.

We apologize for the confusion and concern this issue has caused. However, it is very important to note that you will not be negatively impacted by this backend issue in the interim. You will have full access and use of your App Hub account and your published apps will remain published.

Thank you,


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