Microsoft releases update to ‘clean’ WP7 developer devices for Mango

Microsoft releases update to ‘clean’ WP7 developer devices for Mango

If you are a developer that installed and has subsequently run a pre-RTM version of Mango on your Windows Phone 7 handset, Microsoft has an update for you.

In preparation for the coming release of the Mango update to the general public, Microsoft is working to ensure that its earliest adopters have a smooth path to the full upgrade along with the rest of its userbase. As we reported previously, it is widely expected that AT&T, and perhaps other carriers, are set to release, or begin to release Mango, on Tuesday, the 27th.

The update is called the “Mango Friends and Family Bundle: Pre-Cleanup,” a gentle nod to the developer community that has been built around Microsoft’s new smartphone line.

Interestingly, in the notes provided with the update, language points to the update being the first of two: “This is the first of two updates which will clean up any Beta update provisioning on your phone so that it can begin receiving updates from production Microsoft Update servers.” This is a somewhat encouraging development, as many who pushed their phones to NoDo early ended up being stuck in update-limbo. No one, so far as we can tell, will be left behind in the age of Mango.

In TNW Microsoft’s opinion, this level of preparation bodes well for the larger Windows Phone Mango update cycle. But it must be said that Microsoft could hardly do worse than the NoDo fiasco, so the bar is low indeed.

We’ll have more on the topic shortly, so please stay tuned.

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