Microsoft unveils September’s Patch Tuesday bulletin list

Microsoft unveils September’s Patch Tuesday bulletin list

Unlike the last host of Patch Tuesday batches of software updates, September’s will contain no fixes deemed ‘critical,’ and instead is comprised strictly of ‘important’ updates.

Semantic differences aside, there are five bulletins that will be released on September 13th. Two deal with Windows, and three pertain to Office, of which two also impact ‘Microsoft server software.’ In other words, we are all quiet on the Western Front.

Microsoft will not provided more detail as to exactly what is being updated until the patches are made available.

Why did we note that there were no critical updates? Because it stands out. April’s simply massive Patch Tuesday event contained a stunning 9 critical updates, among some 17 total bulletins. All told, 64 vulnerabilities were closed in April. The number of bulletins and their severity vary greatly month to month. In August, a total of 13 bulletins were issued, of which two were critical.

Technology publication The Register made a note in August that it seemed that Microsoft was in a cycle of releasing large amounts of patches one month, followed by a relatively quiet month. September’s Patch Tuesday is set to continue the trend. July was small, August was larger, and now September is unimportant.

It does not seem likely that Microsoft is manipulating the releases in that way, but it has been a bit humorous to watch the trend continue. Another few months of this and we will have a conspiracy on our hands. We’ll bring you the full patch notes on the 13th when they become available.

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