Windows 8 build 7927 leaks

Windows 8 build 7927 leaks

A Milestone 2 build of Windows 8 has leaked, and is available in the normal places where one might search for such a thing.

The build was compiled in February, meaning that it is in fact quite dated. Even more, a Milestone 3 build numbered 7989 leaked in July, showing off where Microsoft was in April, meaning that this 7927 build is not current at all.

What is interesting is that someone decided to leak the version at such a late date, and that there is apparent market demand for its download and use. Why, we are not sure exactly. We would never claim that the leak was deliberate, but the general availability of a rather dated Windows 8 build, two weeks before the BUILD event at which a current version will be shown, is somewhat suspicious. It could be that an employee wanted to ensure that everyone could see how far the company has manged to come since the start of the year.

Earlier today, in our coverage of the new Explorer interface in Windows 8, the company demonstrated build number 8059. Therefore, while it is quite nice to have another build of Windows 8 floating about, it doesn’t mean much in terms of learning potential.

The public guessing games that still surround Windows 8 are soon to be extinguished, but we are likely to get in at least one or two more revelations before Microsoft hands the world an official build. Recall, however, that the build that Microsoft will distribute at BUILD will not be a beta. It will instead be a developer preview.

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