Microsoft promises easy access to pre-release Windows 8 build

Microsoft promises easy access to pre-release Windows 8 build

Microsoft is likely set to distribute a pre-release version of Windows 8 at the BUILD conference next month. But what about those who cannot attend?

The company spoke today in an attempt to assuage the fears of those who are fretting about being locked out of any Windows 8 distribution due to their non-attendance of BUILD. Of course, the company did not go out and say as much, and instead was a bit obfuscuatory in its wording.

As it turns out, however, there is no need for such worrying. This is what Microsoft had to say:

Let us summarize that for you: Whatever Windows 8 build that Microsoft releases at BUILD will be simple for anyone to get, regardless of location. It will, of course, end up on BitTorrent anyway, but Microsoft seems poised to deliver the code to anyone who wants it through official channels.

This means that in less than a month, Windows 8 is going to have to doors blown off of its protective bunker, and the world is going shuffle in and look around. Of course, TNW Microsoft will be testing Windows 8 thoroughly, and will bring you all the information that you may need, regardless of whether you decide to install the code yourself.

BUILD is approaching rapidly, and Microsoft seems almost giddy (judging by its willingness to tweet about its plans) about what it will announce. We issue the same warning that have any in post that mentions the conference: With hype now built so high, the company will have to deliver on a level that is perhaps higher than it can.

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