Microsoft confirms coming Windows 8 app store

Microsoft confirms coming Windows 8 app store

This is one of those posts in which the title nearly says it all: Microsoft has confirmed the existence of a coming application store (ala Apple’s App Store) for Windows 8.

The truth came out in an entry that Microsoft posted on its new blog that focuses on Windows 8. While it has been generally known in the market for some time that such an app store was being built, today’s revelation is the first completely ironclad mention of the product’s existence.

In a list of the teams that are working on the coming operating system, Microsoft listed “App Store” as one of the groups. The post promises that each group will eventually make itself better known through the blog. To be even more sure, we have put in a request to Microsoft Windows team to ensure that we are not, and we don’t even think that this is possible, misreading the situation.

Earlier this year at the AllThingsD event, Steven Sinofsky noted off the cuff that Windows 8 will have an app store, but today’s news is the first hard, official, unquestionable confirmation.

TNW Microsoft would like to apologize for being late to this story. We read the blog post that contained the fact hours ago, but missed the crucial line. The very intelligent NeoWin brought it to our attention.

We have, of course, known about the coming app store in Windows 8 since April, but Microsoft took its time confirming it for reasons that it has yet to share. Also, as we have previously reported, Windows 8 apps will be built with HTML5 and Javascript. As a final addendum, it would be remiss to not note in this piece that the coming BUILD conference is where we expect to see such things as the app store fully unveiled. TNW Microsoft will be covering the event live, of course.

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